President’s Letter

June 3, 2020

Dear Friends of Cranbrook,

The vision for Cranbrook Educational Community is succinct and clear:

Cranbrook is a diverse, sustainable community where education is prized, the human spirit is nurtured, and innovation and creativity are valued. Cranbrook challenges minds and transforms lives.

Such ambitions are, simply, incompatible with racism and bigotry. Though we experience and live with the pain of these tragedies differently, we all have a responsibility to advance justice, equality, peace and understanding. Real change will come when everyone takes responsibility.

Creativity thrives only in an environment of respect; innovation is born from differences in background, experience, and perspective; and transformation occurs only if the human spirit flourishes.

As long overdue calls to action are heard throughout the world and our nation, Cranbrook Educational Community stands with those colleagues, neighbors, and friends; those students, artists and scientists who, as men and women of color, endure unique and appalling threats to their well-being.

We are committed throughout our Community – at Cranbrook Schools, our Institute of Science and our Academy of Art and Art Museum, at our Center for Collections and Research and our House & Gardens – to the work of diversity, of equality and of justice that allows all people, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation or gender, to prosper. That work takes different forms at Cranbrook’s distinct institutional entities; it is work at which we have sometimes failed; it is work that must include acknowledging the pain we have sometimes perpetrated before true and lasting healing – transformation – can occur. We at Cranbrook are focused and committed to ensuring that lasting change and transformation is realized in the educational programs and experiences we offer as well as how we behave as an institution.

The words of James H. Evans, Jr. ’68 ring as true today as they did while as a Cranbrook student he reflected upon the death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “We must find hope for a nation suffering from a violence of the spirit.”

We recognize today and denounce the racism that led to the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others. We abhor this violence of spirit that must not continue to cloud the collective vision of us all.

Other statements have been made by Cranbrook Schools, Cranbrook Academy of Art , Cranbrook Art Museum, and Cranbrook Institute of Science.


Dominic A. DiMarco, President
Cranbrook Educational Community

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