Founders Award

The Founders Award is Cranbrook’s highest honor and  acknowledges the contributions of individuals who have been affiliated with Cranbrook and who exemplify the values and vision of its founders, George and Ellen Booth.  Since its founding in 1955, the award has been bestowed 56 times.

Past Recipients include:

1955          Carl Milles, Eliel Saarinen, Michael Vettraino

1956          Samuel S. Marquis

1958          Cecil Billington (posthumously), Lee A. White

1960          Sanford A. Allen, Jessie T. Winter

1961          Margaret A. Augur

1962          The Reverend Robert L. DeWitt, Dr. Robert R. McMath

1964          William S. Casey, Maija Grotell, Dr. Robert T. Hatt

1965          Lillian Holm, Josephine Waldo, Carl G. Wonnberger

1966          Henry S. Booth

1967          Arthur B. Wittliff

1968          Walter P. Nickell

1969          Neil C. McMath, William Schultz, Jr.

1973          Robert E. Bates, James A. Beresford, Bruce N. Coulter

1976          Templin R. Licklider, Kathryn M. Myers

1981          Pearl Peterson, Richard Thomas, Dominick Vettraino

1982          John W. Blanchard (posthumously), Edward Lerchen

1983          Florence Booth Beresford

1984          Ernest A. Jones, Betty Odle, Margaret Spencer

1985          Ben M. Snyder, III

1987          Edward H. Perkins, Jr.

1988          Robert K. Hoffman

1989          Alice Silberstein Burnes, Florence Knoll Bassett

1990          Dr. Joel E. Cohen, William T. Gossett

1991          Marshall Fredericks, Annetta Wonnberger

1992          Jack Lenor Larsen, Robert J. Vlasic

1993          Mary D. Fisher, The Honorable Alan K. Simpson

1994          Roy Slade

1995          Marianne Strengell Hammarstrom, Alan E. Schwartz

1996          Virginia Beresford Fox, Peter M. Dawkins

2007          James A. Williams (posthumously)

2014          Dr. Lillian Bauder

2020          Patricia Chase and E. Jan Hartmann (posthumously),

                  R. Jamison Williams, Jr., Tod Williams 

On April 17, 2014, Cranbrook President Emeritus Dr. Lillian Bauder was given the Founders Award at a reception at Kingswood School. Dr. Bauder came to Cranbrook in February 1983 and was named its fourth President and Chief Executive Officer in October 1984. She served as President until October 1996.