Parking Rules & Regulations

On campus parking policies are enforced by Cranbrook Security officers in lots owned or controlled by Cranbrook. Citations may be issued for vehicles parked improperly or without proper authorization.

Faculty, staff and students require a valid parking permit issued by the Cranbrook Security & Safety office.

Students parking outside of a designated parking space will result in a ticket. Students are not permitted in staff and faculty lots. Park in designated spaces only. Unauthorized parking in handicap areas or fire lanes may be subject to citations from the City of Bloomfield Hills.

Students with multiple parking violations may be subject to their Vehicle being Booted at the discretion of the Dean.

Parking regulations on city streets adjacent to campus are enforced by local Law Enforcement.

How to pay your citation

  • If you (student) receive a citation, it will be directly charged to your student account.
  • If you (staff/faculty) receive a citation, payment must be made to/at the Cranbrook House Accounting Department.

Please note that parking will be limited during large events throughout the academic year. Please plan accordingly and utilize shuttle services when provided.