Ensuring the Safety of Our Community

November 10, 2023

Dear Cranbrook Educational Community,
As a private institution, it is our responsibility – rather, our obligation – to ensure that our campus is welcoming to all of our many diverse audiences. We will not tolerate activities nor language that disrupts our campus, threatens the safety of our community, or that violates policies or the code of conduct that governs student and community behavior.    
The petition that has recently been circulated within the Cranbrook Academy of Art community by certain students and alumni in no way reflects the views and values of Cranbrook nor does it speak for the institution. Let me be clear: we denounce – in the strongest terms possible – all forms of antisemitic, Islamophobic, racist, and hate-based discrimination and they have no place on our campus.   
It is important to note that we provide all of our students with opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways, but they must do so in a manner that is respectful so that all those who set foot on our campus feel safe, welcome, and valued.   
We will take prompt and decisive action if this type of behavior or speech finds its way into our community, including removing the offender(s) and alerting the appropriate authorities, to protect our campus and to ensure accountability for such conduct.    
We live in an immensely complicated and fraught world. Emotions are high – and understandably so – yet we still have a responsibility to one another, and to ourselves, to create space for dialog and understanding so that all members of our community can thrive.    
Aimeclaire Roche, President  
Cranbrook Educational Community