Cranbrook Timeline

Years Building & Construction Remarks
Work on the first Academy building, the Cranbrook Architectural Office
Swanson and Booth, architects

Thornlea House built
Henry S. Booth, architect

Beresford House built
Swanson and Booth, architects

Christ Church Cranbrook Sextonry built
Swanson and Booth, architects
Now CAA Administration Building-- Saarinen addition, 1927-29

Pool built 1929; Studio built 1938; addition to Thornlea c.1940
Christ Church Cranbrook constructed
Bertram Goodhue Associates, architects
Cranbrook School for Boys constructed
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Saarinen based his plan on Burrowes and Wells’ 1911 farm buildings
Repairs and alterations made to Tower Cottage
Swanson and Booth, architects

Cottages #1 and #2 built, Cranbrook School
Henry S. Booth, architect
Hedgegate House built; L.J. Heenan, architect

Cranbrook School for Boys opened (September 1927)

Cranbrook School Senior Cabin and Bridge built in December
Partially built on foundations of the Italian Cottage for George Coleman Booth

A gift to the boys from George Booth
Headmaster’s House (now CAA faculty residences)
Eliel Saarinen, architect

First Arts and Crafts Building, CAA
Eliel Saarinen, Architect

Pine Hill Cottage #1
Cranbrook Architectural Office

Thornlea Pool built
Academy Group Residences #1 and #2
(Saarinen and Milles Houses)
Eliel Saarinen, architect

Faculty Way Residences
Cranbrook Architectural Office
Kingswood School started at Brookside School
Brookside House
Henry S, Booth, architect

Keppel Gymnasium, Cranbrook School
Eliel Saarinen, architect

Valley Way Houses
Cranbrook Architectural Office
Brookside School, main addition
Henry S. Booth, architect
Kingswood School for Girls built
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Cranbrook Institute of Science (Original)
George G. Booth, architect

Headmaster’s House, Cranbrook School (Second)
D. Allen Wright, architect
Revisions by Swanson and Booth

Saarinen House

Brookside School opened in new building (September 1930)

Pavilion encased with glass walls
Altered significantly in 1936-37

Toilet facilities and heating plant upgraded in 1932
Academy Studio #4 built (Milles Studio)
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Altered by R.H. Snyderin 1956
Academy Studio #5 built
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Jonah Lake created
Cranbrook Architectural Office
Fire Station in Valley Way
Cranbrook Architectural Office

Pine Hill Cottage #2
Cranbrook Architectural Office

Pavilion converted into gallery and lecture hall for Cranbrook Academy of Art
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Enlarged in 1938

Erected for associate rector, Christ Church Cranbrook

Glass walls replaced with masonry, new entrance at road, basement for offices and storage, rudimentary air conditioning. Used for exhibitions until Art Museum opened in 1942. Site of Crandemonium Balls of 1934 and 1936.
Cranbrook Institute of Science
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Altered 1961-62
Dormitory #2, Cranbrook Academy of Art
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Church School Wing built at Christ Church Cranbrook
Bertram Goodhue Associates, architects
Music Studios built at Cranbrook School
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Top section of the water tower at Cranbrook House removed and replaced with flat roof.  Remodeled to become cottage addition to Tower Cottage.

Henry Scripps Booth's Architectural Studio built

Orpheus Fountain installed

Dormitories #3 - #6, garage, Studios #5 and #6 erected at the Academy
Eliel Saarinen, architect
Stairway addition by
Henry Booth, 1957-58
Additions to Brookside School
Henry Booth, architect

Tunnel under Cranbrook Road from Brookside to Mill Race added

Stone wall along Cranbrook Road removed; replaced with iron picket fence and sidewalk
1st, 2nd, 3rd grade classrooms; gable saved from 1924 addition
Senior Cabin at Kingswood School built
Henry Booth, architect

Addition to Thornlea- Marshall Fredericks Fountain
Lindquist Hall, Cranbrook School
Cranbrook Architectural Office

Tower Cottage was renovated into apartments for faculty housing
Remodeled and enlarged as Gordon Hall of Science in 1976
Addition to Stoney House
St. Dunstan's Guild begins leasing Pavilion from Cranbrook Foundation

Cranbrook School Senior Cabin (Club House) renovated
Stage added to interior; building becomes known as "St. Dunstan's Playhouse"
Supervisor’s Cottage, Cranbrook Institute of Science
Cranbrook Architectural Office

Hedgegate House remodeled into faculty apartments
L.J. Heenan, architect; CAO

Purchased by the Cranbrook Foundation from George Coleman Booth
New greenhouse at Cranbrook House
Wm. P. Klemm & Son