Cranbrook Timeline

YearsBuilding & ConstructionRemarks
Farm buildings are constructed on the Kingswood School site (Farm Group #1); Albert Kahn, Architect
Most demolished 1917-1921
The original farmhouse of Samuel Alexander is remodelled and called the "Cottage"
Torn down in 1930
Original frame boat house erected
Torn down in 1917
Cranbrook House and Tower Cottage constructed; Albert Kahn, architect
Kahn worked from George Gough Booth's sketches
North garden constructed
Gardens simplified during World War II
Greenhouse completed, replacing the original lean-to greenhouse attached to the house; Burrowes and Wells, architects

Twin Cottage constructed; Burrowes and Wells, architects

Sunken garden and Promenade balustrade begun
Torn down in 1950 for present greenhouse

Kahn designed “Water Garden” - removed 1923
Service buildings completed (Chauffer's Cottage, Stables, Carriage House, Garage, Dog Kennels); Burrowes and Wells, architects

East Terrace constructed

Farm buildings constructed on Cranbrook School site; Burrowes and Wells, architects (Farm Group #2)

Demolished in 1926
Rock garden (Oriental Garden) established
West Terrace fountain installed

Swimming pool at Greek Theatre built

Cascade from pool built
Brookside Cottage (Stoney House) constructed from the Pump House for Farm Group Number One

Greek Theater constructed; Burrowes and Wells, architects

Italian Cottage built; Burrowes and Wells, architects

Booths purchased the Crane Lantern for the Japanese (now Oriental) Garden
H. George Field, Builder

Actors’ Court added by HSB in 1924

Cottage demolished 1927 (Hedgegate House partially built on foundation)

Bought at expositions at San Diego and San Francisco
Flowing Well (Rainbow Fountain) built; Marcus R. Burrowes, architect
Pewabic tiles laid by Mary Chase Perry Stratton
Boat House completed; Marcus R. Burrowes, architect

Samuel Yellin gates installed at south entrance of Cranbrook House

New Morris Mill constructed
Restored in 1983

Gate posts built in 1916
Cranbrook House additions begun-- west wing, east wing, servants’ wing, library wing; Albert Kahn, architect

Meeting House constructed on Cranbrook Road; George G. and Henry S. Booth, architects

North stairway from Cranbrook House to Glassenbury Lake (Kingswood Lake) begun
Work completed 1920

Now part of Brookside School

North Terraces were added 1923-25
The Common Room (now known as the Oak Room) at CH begins construction (1919-20); Albert Kahn, architect
Wallace House built
Sold to the Nances in 1952
Vegetable garden built east of Tower Cottage

Fire House added to Tower Cottage
Bloomfield Hills School, now called Brookside School, opened its doors to students in the upper floor of the Meeting House

Aviary built between George Booth's Office and the Library at Cranbrook House

Forecourt of Cranbrook House rebuilt along present lines

Turtle Fountain installed

Clay tennis court erected south of Tower Cottage

First addition to Brookside School; George G. Booth, architect
Frame of aviary later used for kitchen window at Brookside School
Actors Court added to Greek Theatre; Henry S. Booth, architect

Pavilion ("Garden House") built along Lone Pine Road; Albert Kahn, architect

West Terrace reflecting pool built

Henry Booth designed an art academy at Cranbrook for his final student project at the University of Michigan

Open-sided arcade
Eliel Saarinen completed a master plan for the proposed art academy at Cranbrook

Theatre Bridge built